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How to Get to Flåm?

Updated: Jun 26

Hello from Njord! We often get asked in our office, "How do I get to Flåm?" It's no surprise, really – Flåm is this beautiful fjord village in Norway that everyone wants to visit. With its breathtaking views and tons to do, it's a must-see. So, we're here to help you out with a super detailed guide on how to get there. Let's make sure your trip to Flåm is a breeze!

how to get to flåm

Table of Contents

Heading to Flåm

Located at the end of a picturesque Aurlandsfjord and just around the corner from Nærøyfjord, Flåm attracts tourists from all around the world. Luckily, despite its somewhat remote location, getting here is easier than you might think! Whether you prefer driving (or even hitchhiking, if you feel like it!) or a comfortable train ride, there are a variety of options to reach us from both Oslo and Bergen. No matter if you’re coming from near or far, breathtaking fjord landscapes are just a few hours away! Read on to discover the best type of transportation for your journey.

From airport to the bus/train station

Getting out of the airport is typically the first step for most tourists, and arriving at the right bus or train station next is half of the success. Fortunately, they’re easily accessible by public transport in both Oslo and Bergen, but we wrote a few tips below anyway to make your journey even smoother!

Oslo: Oslo Train Station and Oslo Bus Terminal are just opposite of each other, so the following instructions apply to both.

From Gardermoen Airport, multiple trains head in their direction - RE10, RE11, R12. Purchase a ticket at the machine on the platform or online, and get off at Oslo S station. From there, you can either continue your trip by train (you may need to change platforms) or take a 10-minute walk if your next leg is by bus. The entire journey shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes and will cost approx. 124 NOK per person.

Travelling from Torp Airport takes a bit longer, as the airport is situated over 100 km outside the city. Your best bet would be a bus ride with number 176 to Fokserød, then switching to VY190 straight to Oslo Bus Terminal. Alternatively, a combined bus-train ride is an option, starting with bus number S174 and changing to RE11/RX11 train at Torp Station. Such a trip will set you back about 317-379 NOK and you should reserve around 2 hours for it. We suggest buying tickets in advance via the official carrier website.

TIPS & TRICKS: There are connecting flights from Oslo Gardermoen to Bergen departing several times a day that only take about 55 minutes! This option may be a good alternative to other modes of transport, and tickets are quite affordable when purchased in advance. We thought you’d like to know ;)

Bergen: Both Bergen Bus Station and Bergen Train Station are on train line number 1, departing every few minutes from an underground platform just outside the airport exit. For buses, get off at Bergen busstasjon stop, and for trains, disembark at Nonneseter- then, you’re practically there. The journey takes around 1 hour in total and costs 44 NOK. Purchase your tickets in advance to avoid hassle, or get them at the platform.

Road Trip in Norway: By Car/Camper

Comfort, flexibility and savings – travelling by car or a camper van offers unmatched freedom of exploring, paired with relatively low costs of accommodation. With your own four wheels, you can discover off-the-beaten-path destinations, take as many detours as you like and change your plans on a whim!

With camping being one of the most popular pastime activities in Norway, numerous companies offer van rentals, ranging from compact to spacious, for your next Nordic adventure! Prices typically begin at 1600 NOK (ca. 150 USD) per day for smaller vans, going up to around 2200 NOK (ca. 300 USD) per day for family-sized vehicles.

Thanks to Norway’s generous camping policy and the right to roam free you can stop basically anywhere, as long as you’re at least 150 m from the nearest inhabited house or a cabin. Whether you want to wake up to the marvellous views of fjords, lakes, mountains or even glaciers, it’s entirely up to you! When in need of quick rest, you can stop at one of the many roadside parkings designated for campers. Remember, the outdoors are for everyone to enjoy, so make sure to respect nature, be mindful of others stopping nearby, and always leave the spot as clean as you found it (or even cleaner!).

In Flåm, campervans are welcome at Flåm Camping (we recommend reserving a spot in advance), while smaller cars can park at the public parking in the town centre for 200 NOK per day or 40 NOK per hour.

Oslo & Bergen: Flåm sits along the route E16, linking Oslo and Bergen. Regardless of your starting point, take E16, and it'll lead you straight to the heart of Flåm. The drive from Bergen typically takes around 2.5 hours, while from Oslo, you should budget approximately 5 hours for the journey.

Get to Flåm on a Budget: By Bus

For those looking for a budget-friendly option, buses in Norway provide a comfortable and safe way to travel around. This option not only saves money but also offers a scenic journey, showcasing the beauty of the Norwegian landscape.

Oslo: Departing several times a day from the conveniently located Oslo Bus Station in the city centre, the journey from Oslo to Flåm takes approximately 6.5 hours, with a transfer in one of the nearby towns. You can easily check the bus schedule and book your tickets online for a hassle-free experience here or on this website.

Bergen: Starting at Bergen bus station, you can opt for a direct bus ride, choose one with a transfer, or combine a bus and train ride for the best time-to-money ratio. Depending on your choice and the transfer time, the journey may take anywhere between 3 to 6 hours.

TIPS & TRICKS: You’re allowed to bring 2 pieces of luggage. Travelling with your bike is possible on selected routes at an additional cost, but rules vary between carriers. Be sure to check the relevant regulations for your chosen ride. In each case, spots for bikes must be pre-booked.

Flåmsbana & Co.: By Train

If you choose to travel by train, you're in for a treat! Although slightly more expensive than the bus, the last part of your journey will be on the famous Flåmsbana, renowned as one of the world’s steepest stretches of track on normal rail. Continuously voted one of the best train journeys worldwide, it offers dramatic views of mountainsides adorned with picturesque farms, flowing rivers, and the stunning Kjosfossen waterfall. A stop along the way allows you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery.

Trains to Flåm, with a transfer in Myrdal, depart regularly from both Oslo and Bergen. No matter when your journey starts, it should be easy to find a convenient departure time!

TIPS & TRICKS: Travelling with a bike is hassle-free, as long as you remember to reserve a spot in advance- otherwise you may not be able to take it on board! The same goes for tickets from Myrdal to Flåm. Many people hop on this scenic route to enjoy the views, so they sell out quickly!

Fjord Cruise: By Boat

Travelling from Bergen presents a remarkable opportunity to begin your fjord exploration early in your journey by taking a scenic ferry ride. This 5-hour cruise will take you through the mighty Sognefjord and Aurlandsfjord, treating you to the one-of-a-kind scenery of waterfalls, green slopes and tranquil villages sitting along the shore, for nearly the entire ride!

The ferries depart once a day from a terminal in Bergen city centre, offering a leisurely introduction to the stunning fjord landscapes awaiting you in Flåm.

TIPS & TRICKS: However, if your plan involves exploring the area from a kayak or a smaller boat later, you might want to save some of the thrill for that experience – so choose wisely! ;)

Whether you're here for a quick visit or an extended stay, travelling by bus, train, or boat, and whatever adventures you have in mind, we wish you an incredible time in Flåm! Take a deep breath of the fresh mountain air, unwind, and recharge amidst the scent of pine trees and the soothing sound of waterfalls.

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