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This guided kayaking tour offers a blend of natural, cultural, and gastronomic experiences. Join us for a day of kayaking from Flåm to Undredal. The Aurlandsfjord boasts stunning surroundings, breathtaking views, and rich historical insights. In Undredal, you'll immerse yourself in the region's cultural heritage and gain a deeper understanding of life in a Norwegian fjord village. Renowned for its goat cheese, Undredal invites you to savor local delicacies.


The beauty of a tailor-made tour lies in its flexibility – we can adjust it to suit your preferences. Craving more activity? Let's add a hike! Prefer lunch with a view? Let's craft a menu together! Request a quote now and prepare to be awed by the breathtaking nature of Norway!

Good To Know


Meet us at our beachside base in Flåm, where we'll set out to kayak in the Aurlandsfjord. During this tour, we'll glide past historical fjord settlements, ancient Viking graveyards, and traditional farms. The tour culminates in Undredal. Need directions? Check out our FAQ page.


We run kayak tours from May 1st to October 1st. Contact us to work out the final details.


This kayak tour is suitable for beginners and families with children over 7 years old. We use stable double kayaks that do not require any prior kayaking experience. The hike we're offering in Undredal is marked as Easy and has only 74 m of elevation gain.


In addition to the kayaking section, optional add-ons to this tour include a scenic hike, a cheese tasting, a delicious lunch, and a convenient shuttle back to Flåm.


In colder weather, we'll supply you with wetsuits and windproof jackets. It's advisable to wear a thin base layer underneath, avoiding cotton. Cotton tends to stay wet, making it uncomfortable and cold. Opt for quick-drying materials like polypropylene, thin wool, or fleece to ensure warmth and comfort. On sunny days, regular sportswear is suitable, but it's better to avoid cotton (again). Don't forget your hat and sunglasses. 😎 Regarding shoes, you can wear your own, as our guides will assist in getting you into the water and pulling you back after the tour, so no need to worry about wet feet. If the tour includes a hike, please wear sturdy shoes.


Kayaking and safety equipment is all-inclusive. In colder weather, we provide wetsuits and rain jackets to ensure your comfort and safety. You can also borrow dry bags to safely bring along your belongings.

Detailed Itinerary

  • Meet & Greet at the beach in Flåm

  • Tour briefing

  • Gear up

  • Paddling techniques

  • Safety training

  • Paddle out in Aurlandsfjord

  • Explore the fjord

  • Arrive in Undredal

  • Cheese tasting*

  • Walking tour in Undredal*

  • Lunch*

  • Hiking tour*

  • Car shuttle or paddle back to Flåm

  • Return gear

*- optional add-ons

Our guided experience begins at our beachside base in Flåm, where we'll start with a meet-and-greet before diving into an action-packed kayak tour. Designed for beginners and families, this tour requires no prior experience. We'll ensure you're fully equipped with the right gear, including wetsuits and rain jackets on colder days, to keep you warm and dry throughout the adventure. Our guides will provide thorough instruction on kayak basics and safety measures, guaranteeing a comfortable and safe experience for all. As we paddle through the stunning Aurlandsfjord, we'll pause several times to raft up and enjoy stories shared by our guide about the area. Depending on weather conditions and breaks, the kayaking portion can last up to 4 hours, culminating in our arrival at Undredal, affectionately known as the 'Goat Town.' Undredal is nestled amidst steep mountains and the picturesque Aurlandsfjord, offering a unique perspective from the water. Its traditional wooden houses and scenic waterfront attract photography enthusiasts and artists seeking inspiration from Norway's natural landscapes. Home to approximately 100 residents and nearly 500 goats, Undredal hosts an annual Goat Cheese Festival where visitors can sample various locally produced cheeses and learn about the cheese-making process. The village's 12th-century stave church, the smallest still functioning in Scandinavia, adds historical significance to the scene, embodying a simpler, more interconnected way of life. Once in Undredal, we offer several activities to choose from: Explore the area with an optional guided hike to enjoy the stunning views. Discover Undredal's charm by strolling through the village and visiting the historic stave church. Taste Undredal's famous goat cheeses during a cheese tasting session. For lunch, choose from customizable options: a convenient lunch box, outdoor cooking with our guide, or a freshly prepared meal at a local café. After your exploration, decide how you want to return: paddle back to Flåm or opt for a convenient car transfer. Whichever you choose, your experience in Undredal will be memorable.



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