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Kayaking in Norway offers a unique and eco-friendly way to travel and explore. Escape the hustle and bustle and spend your active holiday with us kayaking in the Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord. On this multi-day kayak trip in the fjords, you'll encounter plenty of thundering waterfalls, hike up mountains, and sleep under the starry sky.

Become a Fjord Explorer to get closer to the breathtaking nature of Norway!

Good To Know


We provide an intimate experience in small groups of up to 8 participants per one guide. Solo travellers, couples, friends and families with children over 7 years old are very welcome to join this adventure holiday.


All meals are included in the price. Our guides prepare warm meals tailored to your dietary needs and allergies—no instant food from a box! While we're out on the water kayaking, no one stays hungry, as we have healthy snacks and coffee/tea always available.


Kayaking equipment is all-inclusive. We offer wetsuits, life vests, and neoprene booties to ensure your comfort and safety. Tents and outdoor kitchen supplies are provided for the group. Bring your sleeping bags and mats, or rent them from us.


Meet us at our base on the beach in Flåm. We're kayaking in Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. On this tour, we visit Undredal village and pass by some other cozy fjord settlements. The tour concludes in Gudvangen. We'll transport you back to Flåm, or you can  stay in Gudvangen and continue exploring Norway from there. Need directions? Check out the FAQ page.


On this tour, we kayak in the fjords and hike up the mountains for perfect views. We camp in idyllic spots accessible only by water.


Suitable for generally fit people. No prior kayaking experience is required.The distance between Flåm and Gudvangen is 35 km. Split over 3 days, we paddle an average of 4 hours each day, including plenty of breaks. The hiking trails on this tour are marked as easy and moderate.

Detailed Itinerary


  • Meet up at 9:00 on the beach in Flåm

  • Get to know everyone

  • Breakfast in Flåm

  • Briefing on the plan for the tour

  • Safety and Techniques Training

  • Lunch

  • Packing

  • Departure

  • Paddle to Undredal

  • Explore Undredal (optional)

  • Continue to Stokko

  • Set up camp at Stokko

  • Dinner at Stokko


Flåm, Undredal, Stokko



13 km

3,5 hours

Meals provided:

breakfast, lunch, dinner

snacks & coffee/tea

Our beachside base in Flåm, just a quick 3-minute walk from the railway station, is where your adventure begins. As you arrive, our kayaks await, neatly lined up, with a friendly guide ready to greet you and your fellow adventurers. After a brief meet-and-greet, we dive into the action-packed Fjord Explorer tour. Safety drills and basic kayaking techniques are covered, followed by a delicious lunch prepared by our guide. No heavy backpacks needed here! Our guides assist with kayak packing, sharing tips to keep your gear dry and organized. Excess luggage can be left at our base until after the tour. We bid farewell to Flåm and embark on our kayaking journey through Aurlandsfjord. Along the way, we'll encounter waterfalls, rock formations, and historic Viking sites, with tales shared by our guide. Our first stop is Undredal, where you'll learn about this unique town and enjoy its flushing toilet facility. After that, it’s only outdoor lavatories at the campsites. Fun facts about Undredal: There are more goats than humans, it served as inspiration for Frozen, and it is home to Scandinavia's smallest stave church. Continuing on, we paddle towards our first campsite at Stokko. Here, our guide sets up tents and prepares a delicious evening meal. If weather allows, we'll gather around a campfire, but great food is guaranteed either way. As night falls, you'll drift off to sleep in your tent, eagerly anticipating the adventures of the next day.


  • Breakfast

  • Paddle out

  • Hike to Stigen or Dyrdal

  • Lunch on the fjord

  • Paddle into Nærøyfjord

  • Disembark at Odnes

  • Set up camp

  • Explore Odnesfossen waterfall

  • Dinner 

We continue our kayaking adventure in the Norwegian fjords, waking up to the aroma of breakfast prepared by our early-rising guide. Emerging from our tents, we're greeted by the stunning view from our first campsite overlooking Aurlandsfjord, just a couple of kilometers away from Nærøyfjord and Sognefjord, the longest fjord in Norway. After breakfast, we pack our gear into the kayaks and, depending on weather and group energy, embark on a breathtaking hike up to Stigen farm and Beitelen. The panoramic views from the mountaintop offer a perfect vantage point to admire the meeting point of Nærøyfjord, Sognefjord, and Aurlandsfjord. Returning to kayaking, we enter Nærøyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed fjord known for its narrowness and impressive scenery. As we paddle stroke by stroke, soaking in the majestic surroundings, lunch is served right on the fjord. An eagle, otter, or seals may swing by to greet the group! Arriving at campsite Odnes, we set up tents, unwind, and enjoy another delicious dinner. Exploring the area accessible only by water, we may encounter fellow kayakers before cozying up around the campfire and drifting off to sleep under the stars.


Stigen, Dyrdal, Styvi, Odnes

Aurlandsfjord, Nærøyfjord


14 km

4 hours


3 km

375 m elevation gain

Meals provided:

breakfast, lunch, dinner

snacks & coffee/tea


  • Breakfast

  • Explore the Old Postal Road

  • Fjord Dip for Brave Souls

  • Lunch at Odnes

  • Paddle to Gudvangen

  • Pack up

  • Transfer to Flåm

  • Finish by 16:30