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What to Do in Flåm: Top 10 Activities in Nærøyfjord Area

Updated: Feb 29

Hello! We're Sander and Daria, two outdoor enthusiasts based in Flåm. In the summer, you'll most likely find us at Njord, our kayak centre right on Flåm beach. Be it our guided tour participants or friends dropping by, everyone keeps asking what are the top attractions in Flåm and the surrounding fjords.

So, we've put together a list of our top 10 activities in Flåm and around. Sure, we're biased toward outdoor adventures, given our guide company, but we've got something for thrill-seekers and those looking for a more laid-back experience. Join us as we share our Flåm highlights!

Table of Contents

1: See Nærøyfjorden (Naeroyfjord) from Water

Exploring the Nærøyfjord World Heritage Park is an absolute must during your visit to Flåm. It's literally a kingdom of superlatives. The Nærøyfjord is the wildest, narrowest, and most beautiful branch of the Sognefjord, which happens to be the deepest and longest fjord in Norway. See? You can't miss out on that one! Imagine mind-blowing views opening up only from the water: snowy mountain tops, thundering waterfalls cascading into the fjord, and lush farms with grazing sheep and goats on the mountainsides.

Fjord Cruise

Now, how do you see all this beauty? There are several ways to experience the Nærøyfjord from the water. The top recommendation is embarking on a fjord cruise. Setting sail from Flåm and cruising along the Aurlandsfjord before entering Nærøyfjord offers an environmentally friendly journey—the catamarans used on the Nærøyfjord cruise are powered by clean electricity. On this 2-hour trip, you'll pass through Aurland, Undredal, Dyrdal, Styvi. The journey is complete in Gudvangen, unless you've booked a roundtrip. If you'd like to get off the boat in one of the villages on the way (and trust me, you might want to explore them; see why below), you need to request this stop when booking your tickets. More information and tickets are available here.

Kayak in the Fjords

Our preferred method of exploring the fjord, however, is obviously kayaking. Whether you choose to join one of our guided tours or prefer to rent gear and venture out independently, kayaking provides a thrilling and environmentally friendly way to experience the fjord. There are almost no limitations (besides common sense and safety principles, of course) on how close you can get to nature while kayaking in the fjords. You can go wild camping in Nærøyfjord at several campsites, or if you prefer a more comfortable stay with a bed and other luxuries of civilization, you can check in at one of the campgrounds like Nærøyfjorden Camping.

While kayaking in fjord, you can explore hiking trails that climb up to the peaks of towering mountains. One of the top recommended hikes in Nærøyfjord is the quite challenging Rimstigen hike. If you prefer flat terrain, take it easy and walk the historic postal road along Nærøyfjorden from Styvi to Bleiklindi. 

Kayak Tour Naeroyfjord
Kayaking in Nærøyfjord is a truly magical experience!

Did we convince you to kayak in Norway? We're happy to help you organize a guided kayak trip in Nærøyfjord!

2: Take a Ride with Flåmsbana (Flåm Railway)

How to get to Flåm? The most convenient way to reach Flåm is by train, especially if you're coming from Oslo or Bergen. Simply hop on a train in either direction and disembark at Myrdal station. From Myrdal, you can seamlessly transfer to the renowned Flåmsbana—Flåm Railway, one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world and undoubtedly the most popular one in Norway.

If your journey to Flåm involves a different mode of transportation, there's no need to worry. Whether you've parked your car or arrived for a day in Flåm on a cruise ship, you can still experience the beauty of the train ride. Just take the train in the opposite direction—from Flåm to Myrdal.

Insider tip: For the best views during your train ride, we recommend sitting on the right-hand side when departing from Flåm. This ensures that you won't miss out on the stunning scenery along the route and can capture cool Instagram pictures of the waterfalls popping up every now and then, or a video of the train navigating the valley. Don’t ignore the invitation to leave the train for a photo stop! If you’re visiting in the warm months, there's an exciting show, but we won’t spoil it for you just yet. Perhaps do a quick Google search to learn more about Huldras.

Flåmsbana in action | Source: Norway's Best

So, whether you're a train enthusiast or just someone seeking a picturesque journey, Flåmsbana promises an unforgettable experience with its breathtaking landscapes along the way. You can find more information and book Flåm Railway tickets here.

If you feel like being a little more active than taking a Flåmsbana round trip, we have some ideas on how to get from Myrdal to Flåm, aside from the train, in the next paragraph.

3: From Myrdal to Flåm: Biking the Rallarvegen or Zipping on the Flåm Zipline

Since we already mentioned the train ride, we think it's only natural to mention Rallarvegen as a next stop on our top things to do in Flam. Going up by train and biking or zipping down is probably the best way to make the most of your time here. Take it easy on the train ride from Flåm to Myrdal and escape the literally breathtaking climb up. 

Rallarvegen Bike Rental

Once you're at the top, consider renting a bike for a ride down Rallarvegen. Here's a friendly recommendation: Give the rental shop a call. It might be smart to pick up your bikes while still in Flåm, as you can bring them on Flåmsbana with you. Just in case there are no available bikes in Myrdal. Now, back to cycling! Rallarvegen, once a service road for the construction of the Bergenline, has earned special status as a cycle track. The entire distance is 80 km, making it a popular cycling holiday destination. The segment from Myrdal to Flåm is only 20 km, but it's full of twists and turns, guiding you down from the mountain and keeping the excitement alive all the way. Along the route, you'll pass mountain farms, waterfalls, and great viewpoints. So, make sure to plan enough time for all the "wow, look at that!" and "let’s get closer!" moments. It's nearly impossible to just ride down without stopping.

Flåm Zipline

If you're into thrilling adventures and biking alone doesn't quite get your adrenaline pumping enough, check out Flåm Zipline. It’s the longest zipline in Scandinavia, starting from Vatnahalsen station in the mountains and descending all the way down to Kårdalen. It's an unforgettable experience that combines excitement and scenery. Your bike can also catch a ride with Flåm Zipline, and once you reunite at the lower station, you can continue cycling through the rest of the Flåm Valley.

So, whether you're an adrenaline junkie or just want to see Flåm from a different angle, make sure to include Flåm Zipline in your plans. Pro tip: Book your tickets in advance to avoid missing out.

If this sounds a little too much for you, check out our laid-back electric bike tour in the Flåm Valley (the flattest parts of it, we promise), including an easy hike up to Brekkefossen waterfall.

4: Taste Locally Brewed Beers at Flåm Brewery Ægir

The tiny village of Flåm has its very own brewery! After your thrilling bike tour down the mountain, you might be craving a refreshing beer. The brewery was named after the god of the seas, Ægir, from Norse Mythology. According to Odin, Ægir was the best brewer in the world. Brewers at Ægir not only put their own twists on well-known beer styles but also continually experiment with new flavors and ideas. Their products are always rooted in the same foundation: fresh mountain water, quality ingredients, and attention to the small details that contribute to the best taste.

Make sure to swing by Ægir Pub, nestled right in the heart of Flåm town center. Inside, you'll find driftwood walls, dragon heads, a feature fireplace, and sheepskins. The whole setting radiates warmth and coziness, with a Viking touch to it. Sit on a fur rug by the open fire and soak in the aroma and flavor! Here, you can sample a variety of beers in a tasting set paired with well-matched foods. Vegetarian options are available as well. 

And if you're curious to learn more about how their beers are made or to plan your visit, don't hesitate to check out the Flåm Brewery website

5: Enjoy the Scenic Aurlandsfjord at Stegastein Viewpoint

This is the first thing we do when we have family and friends visiting us—we drive them up to Stegastein Viewpoint. It’s quick, doesn’t require an athletic body, and everyone loves the outstanding view of Aurland town and Aurlandsfjorden.

How to get to Stegastein? 

If you have a car at your disposal, it's just a mere 20-40 minutes' drive from Flåm, depending on the season and traffic. To reach this breathtaking spot, follow the mountain-hugging roads beside the fjord that stretch from Flåm to Aurland. As you pass through Aurland, a picturesque town where most of the locals reside, the road begins to ascend sharply. It zig-zags up the mountainside on a path that appears narrower with each turn. This road is part of Norwegian Scenic Routes marked with a distinguished white sign on a brown background—you won’t miss it. There is a reasonably large free parking area where you can disembark and soak in the panoramic views. At the parking lot you’ll find another “sightseeing spot”. You may already know that Norwegians are big on scenic public toilet set ups. One of them is right here at Stegastein. Don’t miss out on a chance to take an epic toilet selfie. 

During the main tourist season (July & August), traffic can be rather heavy due to tourist buses and campervans climbing up the road. By the way, it’s possible to visit Stegastein all year round. For those seeking transportation options to Stegasteinen, check here. If you're interested in shuttle services, more information is available here.

Can you hike to Stegastein Viewpoint? 

The answer is yes! You can check out all the hiking trails at The hike starts from Aurland with a challenging ascent through a stone clearing, winding upward in the birch forest with some steep and potentially slippery sections. Approximately 1.5 km into the hike, you'll encounter Dagsturytta (“day tour cabin”), a popular spot with stunning views, perfect for a brief break. If you decide to catch your breath there, please be respectful of our little hidden gem and follow the instructions placed there.

After a break, follow arrow signs on the tractor road. After passing a rock wall and another arrow sign, the journey continues on an old split road. Kløvvegen serves as a route for farmers in Aurland to access mountain pastures and for those in Høgdegardane to descend to the village. This partly walled path offers a smooth climb until reaching the Stegastein viewpoint.

If you'd like someone to accompany you on this adventure, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll arrange a guided hiking tour for you. 

6: Visit Viking Village in Gudvangen

Prepare to set sail on a journey back to the raucous days of the Vikings, where longships ruled the waves, beards were as fierce as the battles, and plundering was practically a pastime. Let's visit the modern Viking Village in Gudvangen, where the spirit of these legendary seafarers comes alive in a way that would make Ragnar Lothbrok raise an eyebrow.

Gudvangen is located where the Nærøyfjord ends, offering incredible views that you absolutely must see (remember the number 1 in this list?). To get here, you can take a fjord cruise (2 scenic hours) or a shuttle bus (30 minutes, mostly in the tunnels). Alternatively, if you have your own wheels, just follow the signs on the E16. No matter how you choose to get there, once you arrive in Gudvangen, you won't be able to miss the place. When you find the entrance to the Viking Village, you'll have two choices:

  • Explore on Your Own: Pay the entrance fee and walk around by yourself.

  • Join a Guided Tour: Alternatively, sign up for one of their guided tours. This is what we highly recommend to get a better understanding of what you're looking at and how it was used back in the day.

After the guided tour has ended, there's a good chance that you'll be hungry and curious to try some authentic Viking food. One dish that Sander (Daria didn’t want to sign under this one) highly recommends is called "Raspeballer." It was a favorite among the Vikings and is still a popular dish among the Norwegians today.

For more information about tours and how to plan your visit to the Viking Village in Gudvangen, check out their official website.

7: Explore the Goat Town Undredal

Undredal, a small town with a big soul, is said to be the inspiration for Frozen, making it a treat for Disney fans! Famous for its goat products, the town boasts a goat statue in the town center. Time seems to stand still in Undredal, offering a glimpse into Norway's past. To fully experience Undredal's atmosphere, allocate at least a couple of hours for your visit. You won't regret it.

The town, true to its roots, features the smallest church in Scandinavia, still in use, and one of Norway's 28 remaining stave churches—a must-visit for architecture and history enthusiasts. Undoubtedly, the highlight is the idyllic fjord-side restaurant. Enjoy a cold beer with locally produced cheese and regional specialties, all while taking in the stunning fjord view. Reach this hidden gem through various means – drive, take a scenic boat ride, or join our exciting kayak tour.

Kayks in Undredal
Undredal is one of the places in Norway that inspired Disney's Frozen

Undredal caters to hikers too, offering a relatively easy and short hike to Stokko along the waterline. For those seeking a more challenging trek, the path up to Hovdungo awaits. Find more information about hiking trails on

8: Go Hiking in the Fjords 

As you've probably noticed, the hiking theme has been prevalent in this article. We've touched on various hikes in Nærøyfjord, including Rimstigen, The Old Postal Road, hikes starting from Undredal, and the trail leading to Stegastein. We can't stress enough how helpful the local service is, providing marked trails across the country. While we're limited in the number of signs we can use in this article, here are a few options we consider to be the best hikes in Flåm and the surrounding area.

Hike to Brekkefossen (Blue, 1.5 h)

There are not many waterfalls that you can see as close as Brekkefossen. The trip here is popular for both tourists and local walkers. Here you quickly get to the top and get a good view down towards the lower part of Flåmsdalen and the fjord out towards Aurland. The trail itself starts at Brekkevegen, about 2 km from Flåm station. Follow the road signs towards Grindaflethytta and Brekkefossen/Raokjen. The walk goes through alder forest and birch forest. The start is a good gravel path, then 578 stone steps follow all the way up to Raokjen. 

Brekkefossen Hike Flåm
This is Savanna, our kayak guide, enjoying a sunny day at Brekkefossen

Hike to Prest (Red, 3 h)

Climb to Prest at 1,478 meters for panoramic views of Aurlandsfjord, offering a family-friendly hike. Though not lengthy, the trail includes steep sections and sheer drops. Access the starting point past Stegastein, with a marked path leading from the car park after Bjørgo farm. The route, around 2.5 kilometers, takes just over 3 hours for a round trip. Enjoy stunning vistas from the beacon at 1,363 meters, and consider extending the journey to Blåskavlen, the highest peak in Aurland Kommune at 1,809 meters. Prest is also a popular destination for snowshoe hiking in the snowy season.

Hike in Aurlandsdalen (Red, 6-8 h)

Explore the historic Aurlandsdalen Valley, once a vital route connecting eastern and western Norway. The renowned 20 km Østerbø - Vassbygdi section takes you past landmarks like the Langdøla bridge, Nesbøgalden (now replaced by a wide pathway along Nesbø-vatnet), and the restored original route with improved views at Tirtesva. A steep descent from Bjønnstigvarden is aided by handrails, leading to Svartatjødn. Don't miss the "Vetlahelvete" cave west of the path. Descend to the Veiverdalselvi river bridge, ascend to Sinjarheim farm, pass Almen farm, and stroll along the river to Belle in Vassbygdi.

Note that it’s an A to B hike requiring strategic planning of logistics. The bus shuttle operating on the Flåm route, via Aurland, Vassbygdi, Stondalen, and Østerbø, can be a real game-changer.

Hike to Bakkanosi (Black, 7 h)

This one is Daria’s absolute favorite. The hike to Bakkanosi starts at the old school building in Jordalen valley. Drive along E16 from Gudvangen to Voss, take a right towards Jordalen after about 10 km, and continue for 3 km to reach a small parking area. Note that parking accepts payments through the Vipps mobile app available only for users with a Norwegian phone number. So you’d need to look for a box to put cash in or a person with Vipps on their phone to help you out. This challenging mountain hike in the UNESCO World Heritage Site offers stunning views, with Bakkanosi standing tall at 1,398 meters above the fjord. It's tough but worth it for the breathtaking summit experience. At this altitude you feel like you are on top of the world.

Bakkanosi Naeroyfjord
This is Daria on top of the world (almost) looking at Nærøyfjord

9: Stroll Flåm Market

During the sunny summer months, the center of Flåm turns into a lively market between the Mall of Norway and Ægir Brewery and Pub, near the Flåm railway station. The Flåm Market is hard to ignore during your Flåm adventure. Here, you can find locally made food and unique handcrafted items from local artisans. The market offers a variety of goods, from woolen sweaters to homemade necklaces, organically produced hotdogs, Thai food, and tasty goat dishes, giving you a glimpse of local and international flavors. So, pick a food truck you like and enjoy your meal while you’re waiting for your Flåmsbana or Fjord Cruise departure.

10: Experience the Fjord Sauna in Flåm

After immersing yourself in the stunning views and fun activities our list offers, what better way to unwind than with a visit to the Fjord Sauna in Flåm? Located within a short stroll from the Flåm train station, this unique sauna promises relaxation and breathtaking fjord views. We personally use the sauna to escape rainy or snowy days, so definitely add it to your “What to do in Flåm when it rains” list.

As you bask in the warmth of the sauna, marvel at the perfect panorama of the fjord! Unless, of course, a huge cruise ship is gracing its waters. Typically, these ships leave around 5-7 pm, leaving the view unobstructed for your evening visit. Be sure to book an appointment well in advance; it's a popular spot, especially during the summer months. Whether you're a thrill-seeker who jumps from the sauna's rooftop into the refreshing fjord below, or prefer a more cautious descent via ladder, this is an experience not to be missed. Insider tip: There is one more floating sauna in Aurland, just in case all slots in Flåm turn out to be booked.

Bottom Line 

We hope you found these suggestions helpful for your time in Flåm! Enjoy your stay and make the most of the beautiful landscapes, diverse experiences, and lasting memories that Flåm has to offer. Safe travels! 😊

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